Open 2022

25 June


84 km / 5.600 m +

4 valid ITRA points
for the UTMB!

The Open is a non-competitive march that consists of completing the entire journey of Cavalls del Vent in less than 24 h. We provide you with the necessary supplies, tracking chip, final meal, Exclusive welcome pack and passport that you must seal as you pass through each shelter to have the official certificate of Cavalls del Vent.

Perfil OPEN


  • Friday 24 June
    18:00 – 21:00 Passport and Welcome Pack Delivery.
  • Saturday 25 June
    4:00 – 5:00 Passport and Welcome Pack Delivery.
    5:00 exit.
  • Sunday 26 June
    5:00 Arrival deadline.
Available time

We will leave the Lluís Estasen shelter at the 5:00 morning and we'll have 24 h to complete the tour. If you haven't collected your Passport to seal in each shelter the day before, come in enough time. Please note that it will be night and the use of the front at check out will be mandatory.

Remember that if you complete the tour in less than 24 h you'll get 4 ITRA points valid for the UTMB.


Avituallaments Open

Non-competitive event

This is a non-competitive march in which everyone carries their own rhythm. You'll be able to run, Of course, and stop, walk and contemplate the beauty that will surround you at every step. At the end, the former will have the same as the last: Smiles, Congratulations, a cold drink, a hot plate on the table…

Arrival food

At the end of the Open you will have a meal at the Lluís Estasen shelter, whatever time it is you'll have a plate on the table, hot food and, if you feel like it, a well-deserved cold drink. We will soon finally complete the menu.


You will have a chip that will allow you to time and immediately publish your time on the Internet.

Welcome Pack

With open membership you will receive a very complete Welcome Pack.

  • Official SportHG technical t-shirt.
  • BUFF® Tubular Official.
  • Yogi Tea infusion box.
  • Office map of the Alpine Publishing House.

SportHG T-Shirt

Download Track

From here you can download the Open track. Remember that the itinerary is marked exclusively with the fixed markings, under no circumstances is it marked with flags or ribbons. Without GPS you can follow the crossing if you are attentive, we still recommend its use or, failing, the one on the official map.

Download Track

+34 669 58 07 70

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