Do I necessarily have to book?

Yes, always. In addition, if you choose the central summer months or long weekends, you'd better do it long in advance.

Is it obligatory to make Cavalls del Vent with a Welcome Pack?

It's not obligatory, although it is advisable. The Welcome Pack includes, in addition to the official map and the passport to stamp, services such as wi-fi in almost all mountain huts, mobile charging and shower, in addition to the possibility to book online and take an accident insurance (including mountain rescue) and/or a cancellation insurance. It also includes access to the Cavalls del Vent App and 24 h phone support during the route. If you want to do the route without Welcome Pack, you will have to contact the mountain huts to check availability and book.

How long does the Cavalls del Vent season last?

The season 2023 will start on 1 of June and will end on 23 September. Some shelters will be open from mid-May to mid-October, but you'll have to contact the Booking Centre.

Can I make the route off season?

It will always depend on the weather and terrain conditions. You won't be able to make the reservation online but you will have to contact the Booking Centre.

Can I make the route in various sections, on different dates?

Yes, but only if it's during the same season. Contact the Booking Centre and we'll tell you how to do it.

Is the route well signposted?

Yes, Cavalls del Vent is signposted with unmistakable orange marks. In addition, with your Welcome Pack you will receive the official map and the GPS track.

Is the trek easy even without experience?

It's not a technically difficult trek, but it's important to plan the stages based on your fitness level. It's preferable that you have experience in several days long routes.

In what direction is it better to do the route?

The journey can be made in either direction. The anticlockwise direction is a bit easier but the differences are very small.

Is it a child-friendly route?

They should be old enough and prepared for daily stages of several walking hours, on half mountain terrain. They should always be accompanied by an adult who takes responsibility for them.

Can I make the route with a dog?

The Natural Park has its regulations in this regard and dogs must be controlled at all times. No pets are allowed in the mountain huts, and most of them do not have a specific place for dogs. It's better to discuss it with each mountain hut before booking. We can also offer you a kennels during your journey. For more information contact the Booking Centre.

Can I camp or bivouac?

Natural Park regulations prohibit it. For more information or to request special permits you will need to contact the Natural Park's head office.

Is there phone coverage along the route?

For the emergency number 112 there's good coverage throughout the route. As for telephone companies, coverage varies depending on the operator. Most mountain huts have wi-fi and this service is free if you make the route with a Welcome Pack.

Is it easy to find water?

There are few springs but you can find some stream, although at certain periods livestock in the mountains can contaminate water. We recommend you to supply yourself with water in the mountain huts.

What mountain huts can I reach by car?

The mountain huts of Lluís Estasen, Gresolet, Rebost and Serrat de les Esposes are reached by car. To access Prat d'Aguiló and Cortals de l'Ingla, we recommend using an all-terrain vehicle.

Can I get there by public transport?

From Barcelona you can reach Bagà by bus and then walk to Rebost (7 km) or Sant Jordi (10 km). You can also reach La Molina by train and from the ski station you can get to Niu de l'Àliga by cable-car, but you'll have to check the opening days and schedules with the ski station. In addition, you can reach all car accessible mountain huts by taxi.

Can I hire a baggage transport?

Cavalls del Vent does not offer this service due to the poor road or track connection between the different mountain huts. Anyway, for more information about the possibility of hiring a baggage transport you can contact the Booking Centre.

Is there taxi service?

Cavalls del Vent offers a taxi service to take you closer or pick you up anywhere accessible by motor vehicle. You can hire this service by calling the Booking Centre.

How do I know if the mountain huts have availability?

The easiest way is to start making your reservation. For each night you will find a drop-down in which to choose the mountain hut in which you want to sleep, if the mountain hut appears on the list it means that you have places available.

Once the reservation is made, can I make changes to it?

No, once the reservation is confirmed, no details can be changed. If you've made a mistake, or it's imperative that you change something, you'll have to get in touch with the Booking Centre.

If the weather forecast is bad, can I cancel the reservation?

No, bad weather is not considered a reason for cancellation. If the situation is really dangerous, we will contact you to find a solution, even if you've already started your journey.

What should I do if I want to cancel a reservation?

You should inform us as soon as possible so that we can notify the mountain huts.
If you have taken a cancellation insurance, contact the insurance company and they will tell you what to do to recover the amount you have paid.
In case you don't have a cancellation insurance, Cavalls del Vent will retain the amount of the selected Welcome Pack, the shipping and the insurances taken. The mountain huts will keep the following percentages: deduction of 25% if you cancel more than 15 days before the start date, deduction of 50% if you cancel 15 to 7 days before the start date, and deduction of 100% if you cancel during the week before the start day.

Can I arrive at the mountain huts at any time?

No, the mountain huts have their schedules. Generally, breakfast is served from 7 a.m. and dinners from 7 p.m.. Lights are turned off at 10 p.m.. If you expect to arrive out of hours, please mention it when booking.
If you're already en route and you think you'll be arriving late at the next mountain hut, please call the keeper.

I follow a specific diet or I have a food allergy, can the mountain huts offer me alternatives?

Yes, all mountain huts can provide special menus, but it's very important that you specify it in the comments section of your booking.

Are there blankets in the mountain huts?

Yes, all the mountain huts have blankets.

Can I pay by card in the mountain huts?

Cards accepted in the refuges of Niu de l'Àliga, Cortals de l'Ingla, Prat d'Aguiló, Lluís Estasen, Gresolet and Sant Jordi. In all other mountain huts you will have to pay cash.

Are there discounts for members of hiking associations?

Some of the mountain huts apply discounts for members of the FEEC. If that's your case, you must indicate it when booking and the discount will be reflected in the final amount. Remember to take your license with you during the trip because you'll need to show it at the mountain huts..

Are all rooms shared?

Yes, all spaces in the mountain huts are shared.

What should I do if I get lost?

The most important thing is to stop walking: it will be easier to find you the closer you are to the last place where you were traceable. If you can't get in touch with anyone, call the emergency number 112.

What should I do if I have an accident?

If you can get to the nearest mountain hut, the keeper will be able to help you. If you can't continue walking, call the emergency number 112.
If you have taken an accident insurance, contact the insurance company and they will tell you what to do.

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