Montain huts

You have 8 fully equipped mountain huts, distributed along the route. Below, you will find the distance and slope between the mountain huts and whether it can be accessed by car, 4x4 vehicle, walking or by cable-car:
Itinerario circular

Some facts to keep in mind before you leave home:

Take the booking confirmation document with you, printed or downloaded on your mobile, to show it in the mountain huts.

Take into account that the mountain huts have schedules: generally, breakfast is served from 7 a.m., dinners from 7 p.m. and lights are turned off at 10 p.m.. If you expect to arrive out of hours, please tell the mountain hut about it.

Not all the mountain huts accept credit cards, so it's always best to carry cash.

No pets are allowed in the mountain huts, and most of them do not have a place for pets to spend the night.

If you have a FEEC license, take it with you because you'll need to show it for discounts to apply. Some of the mountain huts also apply discounts to members of other entities.

Remember that mountain huts are shared spaces, let's take care of them among all of us!

+34 669 58 07 70

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